When is the Puppy Bowl 2020: Location, Date, TV Channel Info

Sport is not always about the hectic matchups. It is not only about the years of rivalry between the two most competitive teams. A game is also about our furry buddies. There is nothing better than the Puppy Bowl 2020 that can present you the furrier sport than ever.

puppy bowl 2020

For those who haven’t known, the Puppy Bowl is the world’s cutest sporting event. For animals and dog lovers, you will surely not miss to watch Puppy Bowl 2020 right from your screen or attend the venue when the Puppy Bowl XV returns to amuse the puppy lovers in Animal Planet.

The Puppy Bowl is all about the smart and cute dogs who will kick off at GEICO Stadium. The dogs who have the most touchdowns with the dog-approved toys by Petco will win the cup.

The America and the rest of the world are in love with the Puppy Bowl. For those who want to catch up with the spectacle right from their screen, you should consider taking note on the date, time, as well as the broadcaster of the show.

As mentioned, Animal Planet will host the special episode called as Puppy Bowl XV, that will happen on Sunday, February 2nd, 2020. The Discovery Channel will be the leading broadcaster of the show. The upcoming Puppy Bowl 2020 will feature over 70 puppies who will be participating on the aww-some Cup that will stop the nation. These puppies are from the rescue organizations located across the country.

Puppy Bowl, although conducts as the main event, is not the only thing that you can enjoy from the special episode of Animal Planet. There will also be a “tailgate pregame show at 2 PM ET before the main event that starts at 3 PM ET. Puppy Bowl is not only about your puppies.

The Puppy Bowl 2020 will be a fantastic show to watch. As usual, the Puppy Bowl 2020 will feature the competitive rivalry between the two teams, namely Fluff team and Ruff Team. Both of them will trade the skills to get the most touchdowns.

The Puppy Bowl 2020 has been the best alternative to the intense Super Bowl football game. It is a good distraction for those who want to find the cuteness. Puppy Bowl is indeed a great program with the high ratings, courtesy of Animal Planet.

Moreover, now, many people agree that the Puppy Bowl has become the “other big game” for many viewers around the US. It has been the costumes for all families in the US to tune in Discovery Channels to keep their kids preoccupied at the Super Bowl parties. However, the Puppy Bowl 2020 is not only for kids. If you are a real lover of animals or puppies, then you will be amused by the Puppy Bowl 2020 as well.

Imagine that you can see the dozens of the cutest puppies found across the nation, and let them run to score. There is nothing more impressive than that.

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